Key of G, curly Myrtle wood & Mahogany Native American Indian Flute By dg Hatch #504

Item Description

Key of   G, based on pentatonic minor scale 

Model: dg's 5th generation - Woodland 

Type of wood:  Flute Body: Curly Myrtle wood      Sound Board:  Mahogany      

Flute Block:  Adobe style, in Padauk with a Vintage Sterling Silver Star button design

Finish: Smooth, round, clear 

Bore Size:   7/8"    Overall Length:    21 - 1/8"       

Tonal Qualities:  Clear, warm, sweet and loud, very sweet!  One of my many favorites.  dg

Particularity: tuned at 444 Hz, finger holes slightly on the right hand side of the block, (good for transverse flute player who would prefer to play a little on the side...) 

Serial no: 504

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