Key of G (sol) in Alder & Rosewood -Native American Indian Flute by dg Hatch #507

Item Description

Key of   G, based on pentatonic minor scale             

Model: dg's 5th generation - Woodland 

Type of wood:  Flute Body:  Alder     Sound Board:  Rosewood

Flute Block:  Adobe Style, Alder with Vintage Sterling Silver Kokopelli button

Finish: is a combination of hammered finish around the sound board and smooth finish on the rest of the body and around the mouthpiece

Bore Size:  7/8"     Overall Length:  21 - 3/4"         

Tonal Qualities:  clear, bright and a good amount of back presure (so you can play a long time on a single breath) 

Serial no: 507

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