About dg Hatch Flutes

Welcome to all our customers and friends!!! dg Hatch is back on the world wide web with a brand new website and new awesome and improved flute models!!! 

About the flute maker...

Dennis ‘dg’ Hatch,  a Native American Indian Artist (Anishinaabeg)

from the Sault-Ste-Marie Chippewa Tribe of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan 


is a flute maker, sculptor, painter and also a computer information technology professional;

dgHatch has been a woodworker for over 30 years and has been passionate about making Native American Indian flutes* for more that 20 years.  

His flute company used to be called ‘Native Flute’, 

although, since over the years people refer to his flutes as

“dg Hatch flutes” due to how he signs them, it seemed logical to change his company name to "dg Hatch Flutes" when building this new up-to-date website. 


In the last 7 years, he has been travelling to Canada and around USA (Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, Oregon). He also started to play in concert with his wife Shendaehwas Nathalie Picard in different venues in Canada and USA, and toured in different cities of France. Dennis and Nathalie finally decided to settle on the beautiful Central Coast of Oregon, a real paradise for a woodworker like him!


In the fabrication of his Woodland style flutes, he carves on wood, antler, mammoth and stone.  He primarily builds flutes using his solid bore method.  And his unique flute designs may include inlays, end-caps, and a variety of materials for style, functionality and tonal qualities. 


“It's all about the sound”, he says, and finds it interesting that a seemingly simple musical instrument like the Native flute, has so many material and design factors that affect the ultimate sound quality and performance.  "One of the great things about the Native flute" he says, "is the pentatonic scale on which this instrument is based". This means all the notes on a traditional flute are arranged to sound good together which makes it easier to play for beginners. And "so unique" are the individual flute makers, that he compares their flutes not to their signature, but their fingerprint. 


Althought, dg is always seeking to improve his flute tonal qualities to the finest and you will find that the timbre quality of a dg Hatch flute, sounds like no other.

Over the years, he became a master at making this instrument and has developped his own sound signature, with a variety of tonal and design qualities.  

This really makes his flutes some of the best instruments for professionnal musicians   who needs that kind of quality and precision in a flute.


It is dg's sincere belief that, through the Native Flute, each individual can go to that peaceful place where he/she can create wonderful things in  lives.


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and we are happy to serve you in English or French. My wife is originally from Quebec city!

Nous pouvons vous servir en anglais ou en français. 


* A "Native American Indian flute" is made by a member of a Native American Indian tribe aka native American indian flute maker, the this term is used only for authentic Native American Indian flutes.  A "Native American Indian style flute" appellation refers to a flute made by a non-native person which cannot legally call his flute "Native American Indian" because it is a flute " in the style of " but obviously not Native American Indian made. These legal terms differences used by sellers and flute makers should tell you if your flute is an authentic Native Amercian Indian flute or not.